Helping All Pets Find Their New Home

Welcome to Sheltery, a no-kill, open-door shelter that accepts all pets in need regardless of age, species, breed or medical condition. We have no length of stay restrictions so animals are welcome with us.

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Make an Impact and Save a Life

By helping our shelter and adopting a pet, you can make a positive influence on a pet’s life. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, they will be grateful for new loyal and caring owners. It’s time to change pets’ lives for the better!

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Save Cats and Dogs from Suffering

Your assistance is vital for helping us save more pet lives all over the USA from neglect, cruelty, and abandonment. Choose a pet now or make a donation to support the lives of cats and dogs and protect them from endless harm.

Choose a Pet
Annually We Help A Variety of Animals
and kittens

Our Pets

Take a look at these adorable cats and dogs available at our shelter. feel free to donate or adopt them to help them and support Sheltery.

How Can You Help The Shelter

There are a lot of ways to help Sheltery. We appreciate any help, and even if you can not
afford donations, you can still make a positive impact on our shelter.

Raise Awareness
Educating our peers and spreading awareness is extremely important to us.
Become a Volunteer
Being a volunteer at Sheltery benefits you just as much as it benefits us and our pets.
Make a Donation
Your donations & support are vital if we are to make a lasting difference to animals' lives.
Gather Supplies
We are grateful for any kinds of supplies, from dog and cat food to printer paper and markers.

Our Wonderful Team

The team of Sheltery regularly rescues thousands of animals all over the
USA. Here are some of our dedicated managers and volunteers.

Helen is the heart of Sheltery. She established it in 1999 to provide better care for homeless pets.
Financial Manager
Harry oversees all donations Animal Shelter. His work allows us to care about more animals.
volunteer Manager
William oversees and implements all aspects of the volunteer program at Sheltery.
Office Manager
Betty is the first person our clients meet when entering Sheltery. She keeps records of all our animals.

Our Latest News

Our volunteers not only care for animals they rescue but also write
interesting blog posts about pets. Here are the most recent ones.

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