We care about the health of your pets

Welcome to HealthPaw, America’s leading veterinary clinic, focused on providing the personalized veterinary care and customer service necessary to help your pets live long, happy, healthy lives.

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We care about the health of your pets

Here at LabraDog, we love Labrador Retrievers and we have been breeding them for over half a century. We guarantee that puppies from our kennel club will grow into your faithful companions.

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A few words about HealthPaw clinic

HealthPaw is proud to serve the USA for everything pet related. Our veterinary clinic network and animal hospital is run by our experienced veterinarian, Practice Owner Dr. Carol Hensley.

We're committed to giving your pets extraordinary care whenever and wherever they need it. Partner with one of our veterinarians today to begin proactively monitoring the health and wellness of the pets you love.

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Veterinary clinic services

At HealthPaw Clinic, we offer a variety of services to care for your pet, from examinations to surgery and therapy.

Laboratory research
Our clinic’s lab research can hlep you find out what’s wrong with your pet.
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General therapy
We also provide general therapy and rehabilitation services for our patients.
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Operational Surgery
Our surgeons offer a broad array of minimally invasive surgical procedures.
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Pharmacy Services
Our pharmacy ensures that your pet is receiving the proper medications.
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Animal Nephrology
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Preventive Care and Check-Ups
Preventive medicine helps us catch issues before they become life-threatening.
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Vaccination of animals
We tailor vaccine protocols to your pet, taking their health into account.
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Veterinary Sterilization
Appropriate sterilization helps in controlling the population of pets.
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Clinic specialists

These are some of our best veterinary specialists who are always ready to help your pets be healthy.

We hire only the best experts in various veterinary fields.
Years of experience
We have been treating animals since our establishment in1999.
Cured animals
Over 800 animals have been successfully cured this year.
Satisfied customers
More than 600 clients are satisfied with our services.

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Feedback from our clients

Here are some of the latest testimonials published by our regular clients from all over the United States.